Salt Lake City!

View of the Salt Lake Valley from Little Cottonwood Canyon

View of the Salt Lake Valley from Little Cottonwood Canyon

Next stop was a guided splitboard tour with Utah Mountain Adventures - with our fantastic (and extremely experienced) guide Billy Haas. We went for a day long, 3000 feet skin, followed by an awesome slushy descent through Utah's White Pine area in Little Cottonwood Canyon.  It was HOT out, so we had to make sure layering was done right for the sweaty climb we were all in for. Marian and I were wearing just our 10 Stalks Long sleeve (Meg in the Camo/Grey and Marian in the Navy/Grey), and Zak was in his Ursa Major Long Sleeve (Camo/Green) and Adam was in his Tamarak Merino Long Sleeve. Everyone was cool and dry (and warm enough when the wind started up in the high alpine), and got to enjoy a fantastic day of springtime backcountry!


Although it may not have been a pow-filled trip, we had a great time trying out our gear in some very warm weather (and working on our goggle tans).  Hopefully next time we get some more snow!

Adam and Meg getting ready. 

Adam and Meg getting ready. 

Fantasic weather on the peak of Snowbird, UT. 

Fantasic weather on the peak of Snowbird, UT. 

Pretzels and mustard lunch for the guys. 

Pretzels and mustard lunch for the guys. 

1000 feet into the was way too warm for anything but a first layer.

1000 feet into the was way too warm for anything but a first layer.

Our UMA guide Billy Haas

Our UMA guide Billy Haas

With the snow a bit stale in Calgary, the Alpha Crew thought it was high time to keep things fresh with a visit to Utah. We may not have hit it big with snowfall, but we got spoiled with the weather and got to try out the Alpha collection in a different climate than we've had back home. 

We started our trip at Snowbird resort, with +1 weather and slushy groomer laps. We were lucky enough to ride in just a mid-layer and a light first layer (Zak is rocking the Ursa Major Long Sleeve in Camo/Green with a Temple Crew, and Adam is in the Tamarak Merino Long Sleeve). I burn like a peach, so I opted in for a scarf with my gear for a little extra sun protection (Meg is wearing the Whitebark Merino Long Sleeve and Three Sisters Crew). 

Marian in her yellow dress, flashing a great pose for her campaign -  7 Dresses 4 Health - with the yellow dress for Mental Health - getting ready to ride down the 3000 feet we just climbed up

Marian in her yellow dress, flashing a great pose for her campaign -  7 Dresses 4 Health - with the yellow dress for Mental Health - getting ready to ride down the 3000 feet we just climbed up

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Meet Matt: Part 1 of Alpha Ambassadors

We at Alpha Baselayer Co. have decided to start a mini interview series with ambassadors of winter - from skiers, to riders and everyone in between with the mission to find out what they ride, and more importantly what they wear to make every day on the hill the best day ever!

Meet Matt: an Oregonian backcountry snowboarding enthusiast


Alpha: How are you involved in snowboarding/skiing/winter sports?
Matt: Snowboarding and its culture is what I've based my life around- from where I chose to live, to the friends I have, to what clothes I wear. Backcountry snowboarding is my primary passion.

Alpha: How many days on the hill do you usually get in in a season?
Matt:  Between resort, backcountry, and snowmobiling I usually get about 60 days.  

Alpha: Why is a good baselayer important?
Matt: A good base layer is everything, especially in the backcountry- wicking and comfort are key and can mean the difference between an epic day and a miserable day.  For me it's gotta look good too: it's the one piece you never take off when you go to the lodge to chill or run into the store to buy beer after you're done riding.  

Alpha: What Alpha piece do you have/wear most?
Matt: Aries Merino long sleeve

Alpha: What is your favourite thing about that piece.
Matt: I love the Hood 2 Mask so much!  It fits great under a helmet, and the face mask option is great when the weather starts to get nasty.  Merino is so comfortable (and non smelly) so I can wear it all day.

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We're a Proud Partner of the Women's Snowboard Federation

We are amped to be partnering with The Women's Snowboard Federation! There will be prizing at all camps, and WSF coaches are proudly representing Alpha Baselayer Co. by riding in their favourite pieces!

Since 2006, the WSF provides all ladies snowboarding clinics and events taught by ladies from around the country who love getting women involved in snowboarding! The WSF is a rad organization with a mission to encourage riders to get into the park, increase their confidence, meet new friends and develop a community of women dedicated to women's snowboarding and women's snowboard events.

The WSF will be rolling into Lake Louise Ski Resort this Saturday, February 7 as part of their Park Days Camp Tour - a one-day girls-only camp focusing on terrain park progression. For the first time ever the camp is open to both snowboarders and skiers!

REGISTER HERE for a full day of coaching, warm-up session, lunch, swag bag and a chance to win some fabulous prizes!

*Please note the camp does not include lift tickets. Camps are for ages 10+, Beginner to Advanced freestyle riders. Park Days is licensed through the Canada Snowboard Coaching Program and the Canadian Freestyle Ski Association.

Park Days have already happened in Ontario at Blue Mountain Terrain Park! Check out some of their camp photos!

Late Release Superfine Merino Long Sleeve

Better late than never! Introducing our late release Superfine Merino Long Sleeve for both you guys and gals. You wanted more Merino - you get more Merino!

This new Merino Long Sleeve has you covered, no matter what! This Long Sleeve incorporates our unique Hood 2 Mask design, keeping you on the hill longer, and looking great when the winds start to howl. Stink resistant, breathable and quick dry - Merino is a staple for every skier and rider on the hill.

Be sure to check out the Women's Whitebark Merino Long Sleeve  and the Men's Tamarack Merino Long Sleeve

Our 100% Superfine Merino wool is UV resistant, odour resistant and offers temperature control in all weather conditions. Merino wool is breathable, moisture wicking and extremely comfortable. The fibre has natural stretch and recovery. This Superfine Merino is 150gsm, keeping you warm when it's cold out, and cool and dry when the sun starts to shine.

All Aboard the BassBus!

We’re teaming up with Calgary’s homegrown BassBusMusicYYC, Landlocked Agency and Stampede Entertainment Inc. to do what we love best – SHRED!

Join us this Saturday, January 24 for a round-trip to Lake Louise Ski Resort with an en-route DJ set by Beach Season, beer available from Village Brewery, and an Alpha Baselayer give away.

Event Details:

$100 - for bus ride and lift ticket
$40 - for bus ride

6 AM - departure from COP parking lot
8 AM - ETA at Lake Louise Ski Resort
1 PM - lunch meet-up and beverage
4 PM - departure from Lake Louise Ski Resort
7 PM - ETA at COP parking lot

If you have any doubts about this awesome adventure, it is listed in the Top Ski Parties of 2015 by Notable…now what are you waiting for?

Limited seats available - purchase your tickets HERE and NOW. We can't wait to ride with you!

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We are Proud Supporters of Alberta Snowboarding!

We are very proud to announce we are now supporters of Alberta Snowboarding! This means we will be supporting the Alberta Snowboarding Association at local events and snowboard development throughout the province.

Alberta Snowboarding's mission is to promote, develop and provide support to Alberta’s snowboarding community, regardless of age and skill level, by encouraging recreational, competitive and volunteer participation in snowboarding throughout Alberta --- we are on board with that!

Keep an eye out for Alpha Baselayer Co. at events near you!

Get to Know our Eco-Friendly Fabrics

Eco-friendly fabrics are made from a range of natural and recycled fibers. Compared to standard methods used to produce fabrics, eco-friendly fabrics have a reduced carbon, energy and pollution impact.

Further to the positive social and environmental aspects of eco-friendly fabrics, they are often softer, stronger, hypo-allergenic, UV resistant and more moisture absorbent than conventional fabrics. This makes eco-friendly fabrics excellent candidates for technical base layer wear! 

We use Bamboo Rayon, Hemp Fleece, Merino Wool and Repreve Recycled Polyester to locally manufacture all of our base layers.

Bamboo fabric is a natural textile made from the pulp of bamboo grass. The bamboo plant does not require fertilizer or pesticides to mature quickly and strong. Both our Ursa Major Long Sleeves and 10 Stalks Long Sleeves are amazingly soft, hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking, quick-drying and UV resistant.

Hemp fabric is one of the most eco-friendly in the world! Hemp is a low irrigation plant that requires no pesticides or herbicides during production. Hemp Fleece, used in our Temple Crew and Three Sisters Crew, is softer after every wash, hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking, and UV resistant.

Merino Wool is a ski and snowboard staple. The fabric is sustainably sourced from Merino sheep, a breed that originated from Turkey and central Spain in the Middle Ages. Our Aries Merino Long Sleeves and Blaah Blaah Merino Long Sleeves are extremely comfortable, breathable, odour resistant, moisture-wicking, UV resistant, and have natural stretch and recovery in the fibres.

Repreve brand recycled polyester is an industry leader in recycled polyester production. For every pound of Repreve yarn made, half a gallon of gasoline is conserved. Their refining process uses only 6 out of the 9 standard steps to produce the yarn, greatly reducing waste to landfills. Our Camo Ursa Major Long Sleeves, Camo 10 Stalks Long Sleeves and Mia Sweaters are made from Repreve Recycled Polyester, which is 100% recycled, anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking.

Be sure to check out our instructions to wash and care for your Alpha Baselayer!

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Alpha Baselayers in Fernie's Edge of the World Board Shop

Alpha Baselayers are now available in Edge of the World Board Shop located in Fernie, BC!

We're stoked to be working together, and this is another great opportunity to support local businesses, and get ready for the season.

Try on our long, slim fit for yourself. See how well our base layers work with your outerwear. Feel the warmth and comfort of our eco-friendly fabrics. Be sure to check out our Hood 2 Mask and Shred Skirt features, to make your riding all the more enjoyable.

Visit Edge of the World now to get your hands on Alpha Baselayers!

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How to Wear Your Hood 2 Mask

You've heard about our unique Hood 2 Mask feature, and perhaps you're wondering just how it works...

Our Hood 2 Mask is a hood that converts to a face mask in one pull to eliminate extra layers and bulky hoods while preparing you for all conditions. This feature is found on our women's Blaah Blaah Merino Long Sleeve and Ten Stalks Long Sleeve in both Camo and Navy colour options. The Hood 2 Mask is also incorporated into our men's designs, the Aries Merino Long Sleeve and the Ursa Major Long Sleeve in both Camo and Navy.

When you put the long sleeve on, the hood looks normal and unassuming. It sits flat on your back so you don't have to fuss with annoying extra fabric around your neck when you get into your jacket. The hood can be worn as a normal hood, over your toque or under your helmet. Ladies, you can take advantage of the hole when in the hood position to thread your locks through to keep those wispy bits in check!

To convert to the mask position, simply pull the hood over your face so your head fits through the smaller hole in the back. The 'hood' will now sit like a balaclava on your front side. In this position you can use the mask as a neck warmer or wear it on your face, over or just under your nose for extra warmth! You can style the fabric like a bandana, leaving it untucked, or you can gather it into the collar of your long sleeve for more insolation.

We've created a short clip to demonstrate how to wear the Hood 2 Mask feature, enjoy!