Alpha Baselayer Co. isn't just about a piece of clothing. It's about sharing the fun and the creativity the mountains have given us with our community. This is why we created functional, fashion forward and technical baselayer pieces - a combination that has always been hard to find in baselayers.


After years of modifying our favourite baselayers and sewing new designs to fill in the gaps, we finally decided to bring our line to production, so that we could share it with more than just our close friends.


Alpha Baselayer Co. pieces are designed with eco-friendly, high quality fabrics, while utilizing Calgary's expansive network of local suppliers and manufacturers to bring you pieces that are both well made and unique.


Our goal is to bring you baselayer pieces that you want to wear every time you are on the hill, and never want to take off.


Alpha Baselayer Co. is founded, designed and made in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

Learn more about the eco-friendly fabrics and unique features Alpha Baselayer Co. is excited to bring you.